Shin Ki-seong, Lee Kyu-seop, and Kim Dong-wook appeared as daily basketball instructors… The i-League Clinic came again this year

“As basketball is a team sport, you can learn to be considerate, build confidence, and strengthen your body, so I hope you enjoy it and feel a lot of interest.”

On the 2nd, at Bupyeong Multipurpose Gymnasium in Incheon, the 2023 Basketball Youth Club League (i-League) one-day clinic was held by the Korea Basketball Association.

The i-League Daily Clinic, hosted by the Korea Sports Council, supervised by the Korea Basketball Association, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the National Sports Promotion Agency, has become more abundant as it celebrated its second year following last year. The number of leagues conducting clinics has increased from 7 leagues to 8 leagues, and from early July to October, Incheon-Cheongju-Asan-northeastern Seoul-Changwon-Pyeongtaek-Osan-Sejong-Yeonggwang are scheduled to tour 8 leagues. .

The lineup of instructors who will teach young players at the clinic is largely joined by former professional basketball players from KBL and WKBL. SPOTV commentator Kyu-seop Lee attends the clinic for two years in a row, and lecturers from former professional players such as Shin Ki-seong, Kim Dong-wook, Oh Yong-joon, Jeon Jeong-gyu, Jeong Seon-kyu, and Kim Eun-hye, who were active in the past, visit young basketball players.

On the first day of the clinic journey, commentators Lee Gyu-seop and Shin Ki-seong, and Kim Dong-wook, who recently retired from active service, appeared as daily instructors for the Bupyeong-gu League in Incheon. Coach Kyu-seop Lee led the clinic, and the three coaches started guiding the players in their respective parts.

The parts seemed to be divided according to the position they were mainly in charge of during their active career. Coach Shin Ki-seong, famous as a great guard, was in charge of the dribble, coach Kim Dong-wook, who was famous for his ‘point forward’, was in charge of the pass, and coach Lee Gyu-seop, who had a long career as a tall forward, was in charge of the layup.

The instructors who worked hard to teach were faithful to the basic contents as it is a clinic for young players, but did not miss the meticulous details. In addition, customized education was provided according to the level of the students and their skill level. When a mistake was made, he immediately showed encouragement.

Coach Kyu-seop Lee said, “There are many clubs and children who are interested in basketball, so it’s nice to have an event like this held at the basketball association level. It was a really fun time for me to meet the kids. Because basketball is a team sport, I can learn to be considerate, build confidence, and strengthen my body.” I hope you enjoy it and have a lot of interest in it, and I hope you grow up physically and mentally healthy as you get closer to all sports.”

Coach Shin Ki-seong said, “It’s the first time I’ve been to a clinic for club players. I could see the passion for basketball and the eyes of my elite friends. Thank you for doing it and I hope you will continue to love basketball a lot in the future.”

Coach Kim Dong-wook said, “I’ve taught young players and even youth teams before, but I’m the type of person who likes kids so it was a really fun place. I don’t know if the kids know about us well because of the big age difference, but this program puts meaning into the teaching time. I hope you can become more interested in basketball through this,” he smiled.

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