Lakers re-sign contract with starting guard Russell… drastic cut in salary

Russell stays with the Lakers.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 2nd (Korean time) that the Los Angeles Lakers and D’Angelo Russell had renewed their contract for two years and $37 million. There is a player option in the final year of the contract.

Russell was selected by the Lakers with the 2nd overall pick in the 2015 draft. He did not see much light in his debut, but after moving to Brooklyn, he was selected as an All-Star and reached his heyday. After that, he went through Golden State and wore a Minnesota uniform.

Russell, who played a considerable amount of time in Minnesota, made a comeback to the Lakers through a triangle trade in February of this year. Russell, who performed well at the end of the regular season after joining the Lakers, played a major role in helping the team advance to the playoffs. 

However, his performance in the playoffs was disappointing. Russell, whose performance on the big stage had been somewhat inferior to that of the regular season before, struggled in this playoff as well. In particular, in the conference finals against Denver, he was tied for an average of 6.3 points amid extreme field hunting. 

Russell, who even went through the humiliation of being excluded from the lineup. At the same time, his value of obtaining FA qualification this summer has declined considerably. Russell, who did not receive as much attention as expected in the transfer market, agreed to a new contract with the Lakers with a significant salary cut compared to last season, when he received $ 310 million.

If he regains his pace, Russell is a player with enough skills to play the role of the team’s starting point guard as well as the third option following LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Will Russell, who suffered the cuts, be able to wash away his resentment next season?

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