[i-League] ‘Basketball is really fun!’ The fun of basketball experienced through the daily clinic

Add fun to basketball through daily clinics.

The ‘2023 Basketball Youth Club League (i-League) Incheon Bupyeong-gu Daily Clinic’ was held on the 2nd at a multipurpose indoor gym in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon.

The Daily Clinic is a program for players who participated in the i-League hosted by the Korea Basketball Association.

A total of 8 daily clinics started in Incheon, and about 40 club players visited the gym. The instructors of the daily clinic are commentator Lee Kyu-seop, Shin Ki-seong and retired player Kim Dong-wook.

The young players who participated in the clinic had a great time learning layups, dribbling and passing. Among them, Weplay Sports Kim Ga-eun and Jin-woo siblings stood out. During the clinic, the siblings showed a mix of serious and playful looks.

“It was really fun,” said the Kim siblings. “I started playing basketball as a hobby last May. I enjoy basketball, so I’m participating in the i-League,” she said of basketball.

Older sister Kim Ga-eun said, “Throwing a shot was the most fun,” and her younger brother Kim Jin-woo said, “The most fun was dribbling and passing to my older sister as hard as I could.”

Next, Kim Ga-eun added, “Coach Kyu-seop Lee said that when you throw a shot, it’s good to throw it in line with the square on the backboard. Even though I didn’t make the shot, it’s the most memorable.”

After finishing the clinic, the siblings said, “Basketball has become more fun.

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