Final World Cup roster confirmed… 16-year-old youngest ‘surprise selection’

At the end of this month, the final roster for the FIFA Women’s World Cup was announced. Among the harmony between old and new, led by the so-called ‘Golden Generation’, ‘Casey Eugene Fair’, a mixed-race player born in 2007, was surprisingly selected as the youngest.

This is reporter Jeon Young-min.


Director Colin Bell, who confirmed the 23 Taegeuk Warriors who will challenge higher and stronger, evaluated the final list as follows.

[Colin Bell/Women’s national soccer team coach: I think the energy balance between the current squad, experience and young players is good.]

The name that stands out the most is Casey Eugene Fair, who is 16 years and 1 month old and the youngest ever to be selected.

She was born to an American father and a Korean mother and grew up in the United States, the strongest in women’s soccer.

She is 178cm tall and a striker with excellent breakthroughs. After being selected for the Korean under-15 national team last year, coach Colin Bell noticed her and accompanied her to the adult World Cup stage.

Coach Bell expressed his anticipation, saying that he had confirmed the competitiveness of the pair, which had endured high-intensity training despite heavy rain and heat, and

[Colin Bell/Women’s National Soccer Team Manager: (Fair) is not just a passenger accompanying the team, but a valuable resource.]

Pair showed strong will.

[Casey Eugene Fair / Women’s soccer team striker: I’m ready to help at any cost for her home country.]

Goalkeeper Kim Jeong-mi, who has been on the World Cup stage since 2003, is 38 years and 9 months old, preparing for the ‘last dance’ as the oldest player ever.

[Kim Jeong-mi/Goalkeeper of the women’s soccer team: I think the earnestness of being the last has a big effect on some players. My goal is the quarterfinals.]

With Park Eun-seon, two years younger than Kim Jung-mi at the head, so-called veteran “golden generation” such as Ji So-yeon, Jang Seul-gi, and Cho So-hyun, the main pillars of the team, Chun Ga-ram and Bae Ye-bin, the main players of the under-20 national team, Newcomers full of ambition also joined in.

The national team, which has achieved harmony between the old and the new, will go to Australia for a decisive match after playing Haiti on Saturday.

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