Communities know better than anyone the challenges they’re facing, the things they need, and what will make the biggest difference in their lives. Then, we can bring our expertise and experience through the years to help solve tough problems.

When we deeply understand the experience of people, we’re able to co-design solutions that create new value and make meaningful change. And we can bring new people and partners with us to approach challenges with fresh perspectives.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Having proper sanitation systems, clean water to drink, and hygiene education can mean the difference between life and death, especially for children.


Many of the people ARC serves are at-risk of acute malnutrition and stunting. Our nutrition and health programs offer a balanced and varied diet essential for a wholesome life.


ARC implements inclusive solutions to build host country’s capacity to provide health care and to ensure that all beneficiaries have ready and equal access to care.


Education is a basic human right that should be available to all people. It has the power to save lives, providing people with the information and skills they will need to survive.


Protection includes all of the services we provide to prevent violence against women, children and others at-risk. We aim to  support when violence does occur.


We build housing, latrines, showers, and cooking areas to help restore a sense of home, stability, and strength to vulnerable communities.

Camp Management

With so many people living together in close camp proximity; a structure to organize and coordinate refugee shelters & residents is a necessity.

Emergency Response

When disaster strikes, families are vulnerable and can fall victim to exploitation, disease, and famine. They need basic needs covered, quickly and efficiently.

Social Innovation

Social enterprises exist for social impact with an eye toward financial viability. They offer alternative, sustainable solutions to typical models of aid.


ARC helps with skills training and providing the essential tools that will make refugees more employable or make their new small business take off.


ARC harnesses the power of ICT for Development solutions to improve service delivery, enhance organizational capacity and empower vulnerable communities.

Skill Development

The objective is to identify, develop, and nurture a cadre of professionals by providing them skill enhancement opportunities in vocational and occupational training.