Fostering Safety, Prosperity & Dignity

“Bringing an abundant world of amazing people together to work on the toughest problems”

American Refugee Committee is and always has been about amazing global citizens taking action to change our world. More than 35 years ago, ARC has deployed its first volunteer relief mission on Thai-Cambodian border. Since then, the team has grown into 3,000 determined people who are characterized by their incredible energy and belief that anything is possible.

Today, we’re facing challenging global humanitarian crises that require 21st Century solutions. But we’ve found that co-creating together with impassioned, dedicated people, limited only by their own imaginations, remains the key to designing new solutions that resonate. We still believe that ARC should exist, first and foremost, as a platform for realizing the goodwill of everyday people.

We’ve found that something incredible will result as long as we begin the journey with amazing people, agree on a destination and move together towards it transparently and open to possibility.


“We should move forward not with the resigned shrug of one destined to push an impossibly large stone up a hill, but rather in awe of the abundant opportunities open to us and the wonder of working with human beings”

Daniel Wordsworth
President, American Refugee Committee


Enhancing Youth Skills Development

In 2015, ARC has introduced Skill Development for Employability Programs, incorporating new technologies. The courses ranged from 3 months to 2 years cover following disciplines:

  • Medical Technologies & Nursing
  • Teacher Education & Training
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Micro-enterprise Planning and Management

In addition to the above, ARC assisted beneficiaries in securing financial assistance/loans for startups.

Educating One Million Out of School Children

Co-funded by Qatar’s Education Above All, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, the Program aims at increasing access to education and enrollment of One Million Out of School Children (OOSC) in 37 Districts of Baluchistan and Punjab. All set to roll out in 2018, the Program encompasses strengthening of the formal and non-formal education through teachers training, creation of new NFBE schools, and improvement of school infrastructures. Community involvement will be an integral part remain hallmark of the program to address social and cultural barriers to education.

Preventing Gender Based Violence

Protection of people affected by humanitarian crises remains core area of concern and intervention. ARC continues to support women, girls and boys through GBV prevention, response and referral mechanism. With participation of religious and community leaders who wield immense influence on the society, ARC is promoting dignity and tolerance.

Promoting Healthcare & Nutrition

ARC has been making difference to the lives of sick and needy by providing medical support ever since 2002. Its current program focus is on the followings:

  • Strengthening of healthcare delivery system
  • Disease prevention and control
  • Provision of Mother & Child healthcare and Nutrition services
  • Technology-based healthcare solutions for remote populations